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If you’re seeking the holiday of a lifetime, get into one of our 4WD hires. You’ll love it! Imagine yourself swimming under waterfalls, fishing on long white beaches, or experiencing rugged red views as far as the eye can see.

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4WD for Hire Perth Western Australia
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Western Australia is Australia’s largest state; yet, apart from its city areas, it is largely unpopulated. This makes WA the perfect place for adventuring across rugged roads to find a peaceful place all to yourself.

In Western Australia you’ll find everything from waterfalls and long stretches of pristine beaches to cattle stations, granite cliff faces, red dirt tracks and tall forests. In this diverse environment, you’ll also encounter wild Australian animals such as emus and kangaroos.

With such a diverse environment, a four wheel drive (4wd) is one of the best ways to explore the state. Whilst a non-4wd vehicle is largely restricted to sealed roads and dedicated camping sites, a 4WD allows you to explore off road regions with freedom.

Our Australia 4wd Hire Perth, Broome and Darwin enables travelers to visit hidden beaches and rugged tracks that would otherwise be inaccessible. Western Australian laws allows 4wd vehicles in many areas, but it’s important to respect protected areas. Many sand dunes have been damaged by 4wd and are protected during government bush re-growth projects.

If you are considering driving on a long stretch of unpopulated road or camping off the beaten track, be sure you have taken proper precautions for a safe 4wd journey. Always take enough water, a first aid kit and a 4wd maintenance kit.

From the state’s hot and dusty north to it’s cooler, greener southern coast, you can find dedicated tourist trails and beautiful national parks.

A 4wd vehicle is the perfect way to travel Western Australia in freedom and comfort. Are you ready to discover areas of beauty almost untouched by human hand. Why not plan your own 4wd driving holiday soon? Call us now for your Australia 4WD Hire Perth – Broome and Darwin.

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4WD Hire Perth Western Australia
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4WD Hire Perth – Discover Western Australia with 4WD Hire from CampAbout Oz

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