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Self Drive Rental Itineraries from Perth

Self Drive Rental Itineraries from Perth
Spoilt for Choice – Self Drive Rental from Perth

Where to Go?

Today we look at a few ideas and suggested destinations when planning your self drive rental itinerary from Perth. Perth Self Drive Rental campervans and four wheel drives are a fantastic way to see Australia – and although a long holiday allows for more destinations, a shorter self-drive itinerary can be amazing too!

Just a Few Days…

When choosing destinations from Perth, you really are spoilt for choice. If you have only a few days, you can stay in-and-around Perth and still enjoy a satisfying holiday with many experiences. The Swan Valley for example is a mere 20-30 minutes drive from Perth, yet allows you explore stunning wineries, a chocolate factory, animal farms, nature trails and much more. Further North, you can travel through the historical town of New Norcia, before heading further North to see the Pinnacles – and all this can be done in less than one day’s drive if you’re pressed for time. A few days is also enough time to explore Perth’s southern regions, including Fremantle, Busselton, Yallingup and Margaret River. You might even consider including a trip to Rottnest Island, a quick ferry ride from Fremantle.

Longer Self Drive Holidays

If you’re lucky enough to have more time on your hands, you can create a self drive rental itinerary from Perth that takes you right to the top of Western Australia, all the way to Broome and beyond, in the Kimberley region. Alternatively, you can go South. Take the full tour of our gorgeous South West, including Margaret River, Augusta, Denmark and Albany. You can even head inland to the Kalgoorlie mining town.

No matter whether you choose to head North or South, we recommend spending maximum time at each location, rather than racing from stop to stop. Although some travellers try to cram as many destinations as possible into their time frame, this can make your holiday stressful. Instead, allow yourself time to relax and soak up the atmosphere of each new place. The beauty of self-driving is that you’re free to leave when you’re ready. You’re not glued to your next hotel booking!

Summer vs. Winter Travel Itinerary – North vs. South

Many visitors from Europe come to Australia during the European Summer holidays, typically from July to September. This is Australia’s Winter and, although Perth’s Winter is very mild, there can be many cold, rainy days. If you’re seeking a warm holiday during this time, it’s best to make sure your self drive rental itinerary goes North to Broome and the Kimberley region. North Western Australia stays warm during July-September, so you can still enjoy a swim at the beach and soak up the sunshine.

If your self drive holiday is during Australia’s Summer months (December-February), then a South-West journey is highly recommended. Our South West is much cooler than Perth. While Perth in mid-summer might reach a scorching 40 degrees Celsius, our South West will often be ten or more degrees cooler on the same day. You’ll still enjoy warm summer days and beach weather, but the heat won’t be so oppressive.

Perth Self Drive Rental Vehicles

At Campabout Oz, we offer camper vans for travelling on sealed roads, camper trailers which are perfect for families and groups and four wheel drives for off road adventure. Give our office a call, or use our easy contact form, to discover the best vehicle for your Perth-based itinerary. Remember, we have depots for pick up and drop off all over Australia, so talk to us today about your holiday plans.

Australia 4WD Rental – Perth to Broome

Broome WA 4WD Rental Holiday

Cable Beach Broome Cable Beach camels by peterdconroy

As Australia heads into Winter, our customers enjoy seeking the warmer weather up North. Our campervans and Australia 4WD rental offers a fantastic opportunity for you to exlore the coast from Perth to Broome and back again. You can even head further North to Darwin if you’re keen!

As we mentioned in our last post, The WesternAustralia.com Website http://www.westernaustralia.com gives you a wonderfully detailed set of Itineraries for making the most of your journey. This week, we’re sharing their the 7 day Perth to Broome Itinerary. While we think it’s a bit ambitious to squeeze inside 7 days, it can be done. Better yet, why not take your time and stretch it out?

Campervan and 4WD Rental Perth to Broome – a 7 Day Itinerary

WesternAustralia.com's Broome Getaway Itinerary

Duration: 7 days (NOTE: We suggest adding a few extra days to allow plenty of
driving time to and from Broome.) Click here to get the Details of this Trip
- read details about each day of this seven day itinerary by clicking to check
out the website.

As you travel from Perth to Broome, you'll enjoy warm weather and lots of sunshine.
From Australia's Autumn through Winter and Spring (March-November), Broome still
has "beach weather" – with highs of 29 degrees Celcius – despite being the middle
of Winter. The magnificent Cable beach is the perfect destination to escape the
colder weather.

Self-Drive Holiday Perth to Broome

The biggest benefit of taking the trip by rental camper (van or 4WD) is that you won’t need to outlay additional accommodation expenses. By Renting a 4WD or campervan, you’ll be well equipped with camping equipment and everything you need for a self-sufficient, low cost holiday.

Australia 4WD Rental for Perth to Broome Trips

At Campabout OZ, we rent 4WDs and campervans which are suitable for this trip. Our campers are best if you intend to stay on sealed roads. If you want to get off the beaten track and explore some of the North West bushland, a 4WD will do the job nicely.

Perth to Broome is a fantastic self-drive holiday. Give our office a call and we’ll be happy to help you make your plans. We’ll be able to recommend the right vehicle for your needs, supply the equipment you need and suggest ideas for your itinerary. Talk soon!

Australia Camper Rental - Fishing is a favourite South West activity!

Australia Camper Rental - Fishing is a favourite South West activity!

There’s no doubt about it, renting a camper van gives you a fantastic freedom. The fact that you can go anywhere at any time is the key appeal of a driving holiday.  While it’s tempting to hit the open road with no plans, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Instead, we recommend planning an Itinerary. It doesn’t need to be detailed, but should be a basic guide to where you will travel and how long you intend to spend at each destination.

Suggested Itinerary: South-West Forest

Western Australia’s South West corner blends stunning white coastlines and blue ocean on the doorstep of lush, tall forests. It’s gourmet good, world-renown wineries and fine accommodation options make the South West a favourite place for couples seeking a romantic holiday. On the other hand, families and adventure seekers will find a plenty of fun in the South West’s farm stays, caravan parks, fishing spots, hiking trails, limestone caves and other tourist attractions.

http://www.westernaustralia.com provides travellers with beautifully detailed suggesed Itinerarys. As you can see, we’ve included one here so you can see how alluring they are!

WesternAustralia.com’s Southern Forests Itinerary

Duration:   5 days
Distance:   981km / 610miles
Day 1: Perth to Bridgetown – 260km / 162miles
Day 2: Bridgetown to Pemberton – 67km / 42miles
Day 3: Pemberton to Walpole / Denmark – 185km / 115miles
Day 4: Denmark to Albany – 53km / 33miles
Day 5: Albany to Perth – 409km / 258miles

Get the Details of this 5 Day Trip

For more information about each of the days on this five day trip, check out the website. Just remember, you won’t need to pay for accommodation when you rent a campervan from us. For a small fee, you can choose to stay in one of the South West corner’s many well-equuipped tourist parks. Alternatively, you can “freedom camp” and find a free camping ground in a quiet corner of the forest.

Australia Camper Rental for this South West Trip

You can choose either a campervan or a 4WD for your driving holiday in the South West. If you fancy hitting the beach or driving off-road, choose the 4WD option. Call our office today and talk to us about your plans. As your Australia camper rental specialists, we can recommend the right vehicle for you to suit your needs and your itinerary.

Campabout Oz Customers Recommend Bremer Bay WA

Bremer Bay Camper Rental Holiday

Bremer Bay Camper Destination Bremer Bay by borkazoid

Bremer Bay in South Western Australia comes highly recommended by our customers. Known for it’s beautiful white beaches, ideal for swimming and fishing, the tiny town has a permanent population of only 300 people.

Bremer Bay is today’s recommended campervan holiday destination.

Four Reasons to Visit Bremer Bay

  1. Swimming at John Cove. John Cove is a stunning swimming spot in Bremer Bay. Just a 10 minute walk from the centre of town, the cove is naturally sheltered, making it the preferred swimming spot for locals and tourists alike.
  2. Boating/Fishing. Bremer Bay boasts a marina and jetty, making it ideal for boating enthusiasts. With or without a boat, Bremer Bay beaches are a popular fishing spot. You can go deep-sea fishing, or stick to the shore with a rod and reel.
  3. Whale Waching. From July through to October, Southern Right whales can be spotted off the coast of Bremer Bay and surrounding areas. It’s not uncommon to spot a pod of whales, including baby calves.
  4. Watersports. Surfing, scuba diving, body boarding, snorkelling and more. All kinds of watersports are available in Bremer Bay. You can choose to go by yourself, or organise a professional chartered service.

Heading into Christmas, Bremer Bay is a popular destination for many West Australian locals. This means Bremer Bay – and other coastal towns – can get very busy. If you’re planning to include Bremer Bay in your schedule, be sure to book holiday park spots in advance. Give the Campabout Oz office a call today. We’ll make sure you’re ready for a great camping adventure with the right campervan rental and camping equipment.

Coral Bay Drive Away – Campervan Rental Top Spot

Coral Bay Drive Holiday

Take a campervan to Coral Bay – Drive AwayCoral Bay 100_1197 by Ianz

CampaboutOz Customers Recommend Coral Bay

When our customers recommend a location, we like to share it with everyone.  Coral Bay is one spot that’s frequently recommended… so we’ve decided to write about it today.

Some people come to us with their holidays fully planned. Other people come with no itinerary – just an idea to hit the open road. Whether you’re planning or ‘winging it’, we’d recommend Coral Bay as perfect destination.

Coral Bay Western Australia is a stunning destination for family travelers or individuals alike that want to experience something completely unique, distinct and memorable. Here are four great reasons why you should visit Coral Bay Western Australia on your Campervan Self Drive Holiday.

Four Fantastic Reasons to Visit Coral Bay

  1. Resort Style Facilities: Between the resort hotel, the vacation rental homes and the caravan parks there are numerous opportunities for you to lap up some luxury in the area. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or as a family, there is going to be a lodging situation that will work for you and provide you the best possible experience while staying in Coral Bay.
  2. The Gorgeous Views: From Coral Bay Western Australia you will get a stunning and unobstructed view of the Indian Ocean. The waters in this settlement are protected by the Ningaloo Reef, so they are calm all year round. You can see vast ocean views everywhere you look. Not only are the views stunning from the shores, but if you go out on boat you can take in even more of what the area has to offer you.
  3. The Wildlife: From Coral Bay, you have easy access to the reefs, and here you will find fish, coral and plenty of other wildlife well within your reach. The fish and coral are quite accessible in the bay, even to children. The best way to see all of the stunning wildlife that Coral Bay Western Australia has to offer is by way of coral viewing boats. Tours will allow you to see turtle nesting on the local beaches, whale sharks in the bay and a variety of other rich wildlife throughout the area.
  4. The Water Sports: If you enjoy the idea of playing in the crystal clear waters, then Coral Bay is a prime destination for you. Whether you decide to go snorkeling along the coral reefs to experience the fish and wildlife first hand, or take a coral boat out to get a birds eye view of the stunning waters, there are plenty of things to do, see and experience here. There are plenty of water activities for you to take in at Coral Bay in Western Australia.

As the warmer weather hits, Coral Bay is perfect for enjoying water activities. Book your self drive campervan rental holiday today and be sure to include Coral Bay on the journey planner!

Monkey Mia – Campervan Rental Top Spot

Campervan Rental trip to Monkey Mia

Take a campervan to Monkey MiaMonkey Mia 24 by Kutschi

After receiving this great review from Mary and David, we decided to write a bit about one of our customers’ favourite destinations – Money Mia. First, here’s the review:

We hired the campervan for 15 days in May to explore
the coast from Perth to Monkey Mia. The van was very
clean and well equiped.Terry was very helpful and easy
to deal with. We had a great time and it was fun. Highly

Dolphin Feeding and Other Monkey Mia Activities

Monkey Mia is of course most famous for the public Dolphin feeding sessions. The sessions usually attract a large group of people, but you might be lucky enough to be selected to feed them! It’s typical for eight or more dolphins to visit Dolphin beach for the feeding session each day.

Apart from the dolphins, there are heaps of things to do in Monkey Mia, including swimming, fishing and snorkeling. Click here for information about things to do in Monkey Mia.

The fishing also comes highly recommended. Although you’re not allowed to fish from the jetty, there are plenty of fishing spots in the wider Shark Bay area and we’re told you’ll catch  Tailor, Whiting, Tarwhine and if you’re lucky maybe a Mulloway or two!

Experience Monkey Mia and Shark Bay with Campervan Rental

Monkey Mia is located in Shark Bay – about 850 km north of Perth – a drive you’re sure to enjoy in one of our rental campervans! If you’re in a hurry, you can do the drive from Perth in one or two days. Or, you can take inspiration from Mary and David and take your time to explore the coast for a few weeks.

Whether you’re a tourist from overseas, or an Aussie who has never been to feed the Monkey Mia dolphins, campervan rental can give you an amazing holiday experience along the WA Coast up to Shark Bay. We encourage you to read our customer reviews discover where other travelers are going.

Give us a call, or use the website forms to book your campervan rental today. Take a look at the Long Wheel Based Campervan Rental – the same van Mary and David hired. Talk soon!