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4WD Rental gets to perfect beach spots

4WD Rental gets to perfect beach spots

Are you thinking about renting a campervan or 4WD, but not sure if you’ll like it? If you’ve never gone camping, or hired a campervan before, it can be difficult to take the plunge.

No doubt you’ve got a few (or many!) questions. Perhaps the most common question we hear is…

What is it Like to Take a Campervan Driving Holiday?

The best way to answer this question is to read through our customers’ comments and reviews. Every customer tells us about their wonderful journey – and that

they’re glad they chose to rent camper. Here are just some of the things our customers enjoy:

  • Stopping on the beach for dinner… and being able to cook, eat and enjoy the sunset with complete supplies on board the camper.
  • The freedom to stopover anywhere at all.
  • Great opportunities to meet local people.
  • No restrictive schedules. No hotel bookings to rush off too.
  • A relaxed and enjoyable journey.

Are You Traveling to Australia from Overseas?

It’s often intimidating to book a rental vehicle when you can’t see it “in the flesh”. If you’re at all worried, we encourage you to take comfort in our many positive testimonials and reviews. Take this one for example:

We arranged this vehicle before leaving the UK and
found everyone we e-mailed and spoke to extremely
helpful and friendly. When we arrived in Perth
and collected our vehicle everything was exactly
as promised and  the service was fantastic. They
supplied loads of equipment with the  Camper and
we loved the roof tent. We had such an incredible
time in  Australia ( What a truly wonderful Country )
and having the land-cruiser camper made our visit
complete. I have only praise for Campabout Oz.
They are a small but incredibly friendly and helpful
hire company who  looked after us very well. We could
not fault a single thing , so my  honest advice if
you are looking for a Camper to hire in Perth is:
"use  Campabout Oz". Hope this review helps

As you read all the reviews, you’ll notice people travel from all over the world, often booking their campervan months in advance. When they arrive in Perth, they’re pleased to see an awesome campervan or 4WD – clean, modern and completely fitted out with camping gear. Our campervans are everything you see on the website and more. In fact, we believe the photos don’t do them justice. They’re better in real life. 😉

Book Your Aussie Holiday

We’d loving nothing more than to give you the experience of a lifetime on a Western Australian driving holiday! If you’re not quite sure what vehicle to choose, just ask. Our staff will answer all your questions and even recommend the right campervan, 4WD or camping trailer for your holiday.

That’s all for now. Hope to hear from you soon!

Australia Camper Rental Review

Australia Camper Rental Review Mercedes Sprinter CampervanIf you’re wondering what a camper rental holiday would be like, you’ll apppreciate today’s blog post. It’s yet another testimonial from a happy camper rental customer. Camper rental is an effective way to stretch your holiday budget – helping you get more holiday for your dollar.

Australia Camper Rental Review – Mercedes Sprinter Campervan

"Traveling down the W.A coast in the fantastic
Merc Sprinter was one of the best experiences
we've ever had. Only a little
attached to the van.....really didn't want to
give it back!..  Thanks again Terry!"

Imagine a driving holiday Australia – traveling in comfort, on a relaxed schedule and enjoying the great outdoors. If that sounds good to you, you’ll love our campervans. We hope this camper rental review (and inside-peek into another person’s holiday) inspires you to take the plunge and book a rental camper vehicle for your own holiday.

Give us a call today. Our staff is ready and trained to answer all your questions. Let us help you plan a fantastic driving holiday in Australia!

Best Campervan Rental – Reviews

Is it fun to rent a campervan? It sure is. Check out this email from two Campabout Oz customers who have fallen in love with their rental campervan!

Best Campervan Rental – Reviews – From the shade of Kakadu

Hi Terry.

We had a fabulous celebration
when Our Toy-ota celebrated its
25,ooo km Anniversary earlier this week.

She had already enjoyed a restful, shady week in Broome,
and we treated her to a luxury sudsy all-over bubble-bath,
with her usual special face and chest wash
*she does LOVE collecting those bugs on her chest*
and she was as clean as a whistle
ready for the party in her honour.

and a rousing chorus of "For She's a Jolly Good Camper Van".
(just kidding about that last bit!)

We are still enjoying our trip 100% + + +
thanks to you, Terry,
and your fantastic Camper Van Toy-ota.

Kind regards,

Maxine and Neil
Relaxing in The Shade at Kakadu this week.


Imagine the freedom and adventure you’ll enjoy when you rent a campervan like Maxine and Neil. It’s easy to fall in love with our rental campervans. They’re fully kitted out for a fantastic camping holiday. Call us today to book your own rental campervan… and get ready for a fantastic holiday!

Perth Camper Rental Reviews

Perth Camper Rental ReviewHave you ever wondered what would happen if something went wrong on your Camper Rental holiday? Wouldn’t it be nice to know there’s a support network ready to sort out any problems?

When you rent a camper from Campabout Oz, you can rest assured we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ve got advice, tips and a fantastic support network of other Australian tourism companies. We used this support network to help us out when these good people ran into a bit of trouble on their camper holiday…

Perth Camper Rental Reviews Exceptional Customer Service

Hi Terry & the CampaboutOZ TEAM!
your customers past and present need to know what a
fantastic organisation we dealt with. Despite the
operational issues the campervan you outsourced for
us was fantastic and the fact that you picked up the
difference in the daily rate is an exceptional
example of customer service!
Your honesty and integrity in your dealings with us was
amazing indeed! Thank you .
Best Regards Graham & Kathy

Thankyou to Kathy and Graham for emailing this little note to our office. We’re thrilled that you were able to continue on your holiday without further hassle.

Remember, when you rent a camper from Campabout Oz, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. So give us a call today and get ready for a fantastic camper holiday!

4WD Rental Review

Hilux 4x4 4wd hire reviewWe’re happy (and perhaps a little jealous) that our 4wd rental customers are always on holiday and having a great time. We know how important it is to make your holiday the best it can be. After all, holidays don’t come often enough for most of us. That’s why our team works hard to ensure your rental process is smooth and easy. We also go to maximum effort to the immaculately clean every inch of our vans, service every vehicle and generally make sure that everything is running top notch.

When people return again and again, it makes our team proud. Proud to know all our effort is working to get people the fantastic holiday they deserve.

4WD Rental Review – They Want the Hilux Again!

Take, for example, this email we received from happy holiday makers…

Hello Cheri and Terry,
We hope that all is good for you.
After our very nice hollidays in january with your fabulous camper van hilux
Is the time for us to prepare our next hollidays in WA
Do you have again a camper van Hilux 4wd for us?

You’ll love the Hilux 4WD Rental too! Why not book yours today. Imagine heading off the beaten track and enjoying a laid back camping lifestyle. Take a few minutes to browse the website now and give us a call today. We look forward to hearing all about your wonderful 4WD holiday!

Campabout Oz Review from Happy Customers

Everyone knows it’s important to get maximum holiday enjoyment for your dollar. At Campabout Oz, we understand that holidays are often few and far between. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your holiday is a great success. We understand:

  • you want more holiday for your dollar
  • you want a campervan that makes your holiday fun, easy and exciting
  • you want a hassle-free vehicle with reasonably priced insurance options… options that aren’t prohibitive to your holiday!
  • you want a team of people that can give you support, tips and advice for a fantastic camping holiday.

Campabout Oz makes all this possible. Read this great CampAbout Oz review to see for yourself.

Campabout Oz Review from Happy Customers

CampAbout Oz Postcard from Happy Customer

CampAbout Oz Review - a Postcard from Happy Customer

If you’re looking for a campervan hire company with great vehicles, excellent prices and wonderful customer support, give CampAbout Oz a call today.

It’s good to know that all our hard work pays off – and we love seeing customers wonderful photos of their camping holiday experiences. We work hard every day in our Perth-based office to make sure our camping gear rental is first-class. That’s why emails and photos from you really bring a smile to our faces.

Today we’d like to thank Col and Sue Waller for sending us their lovely email and fantastic holiday snaps. We’ve added these great photos to our camping Photo Gallery – and they’ve given us their permission to share them with our website readers. Here’s the email and photos:

Hi Terry, here are some
pics you may like to put
up on your web site...
thanks again for everything,
had a great time,
cheers col and sue waller
Camping without roughing it. Camper vans make camping easy.

Camping without roughing it. Camper vans make camping easy.

Soaking up a warm West Aussie sunset.

Soaking up a warm West Aussie sunset.

Happy Campers enjoying a fantastic outdoor holiday!

Happy Campers enjoying a fantastic outdoor holiday!

Well done on an impressive catch!

Well done on an impressive catch!

Looks like they had a great time, doesn’t it?

Just imagine yourself relaxing, fishing, kicking back in the Aussie Outdoors. Even though Australia is heading into cooler weather, it’s still lovely and warm up North towards Broome and Darwin. Give us a call to book your camping gear rental, camper van or camper trailer today!

Campervan Rental Reviews Perth

CampAbout Oz received this lovely review of our campervan rental in Perth, Western Australia…

From Sabine –

dear Terry and friends ,
I wanted to thank you for help and attention . it was great
to have someone to explain everything when we took the van
and not only a DVD as our friends had with another rental
society. We recommand Campabout warmely to our friends! ...
see you again next time!

You’ll notice the difference between CampAbout Oz and other campervan rental companies. Our service is second to none and as long as you’ve got the time, we’ll personally talk you through your van, showing you how to use everything that’s on board.

Come and visit us in the Perth office, or request a quote via this website. We’re sure to have the perfect van for a wonderful Aussie holiday… and we’d love to add your comments to our long list of happy campervan rental reviews!

Best Campervan Rental Perth

At CampAbout Oz, we try to be the best campervan rental in Perth, Western Australia.

When we receive thank you letters like this one, we’re proud of our family business.

Dear Campabout Oz Gentlemen,

Oh what a great campervan is our lovely Mercedes 1DOB282 !

You have really given us a fantastic experience - she is A GEM!

And we haven't even used any of your following great bits of kit:

 the awning
 the hotplates
 the shower
 the toilet
 the hot water system
 the television and antenna
 the cd player
 the toaster, the kettle, or most of the cooking equipment

We are too busy HAVING FUN!

I am keeping your luxury vehicle clean and sparkling for you, of course.

Thank you so much for a unique holiday.

We are currently in Esperance, enjoying every day.

 . . .   


(Chocolates all round again for you gentlemen!!!)