Campervan Relocation Broome Deal #390

Campervan hire relocation deal from Broome WA to Perth WA

$1 day deal for relocation of a Toyota Landcruiser Bushcamper from Broome to Perth.

We are providing a $300 fuel allowance for this relocation deal.

This Toyota Landcruiser Bushcamper must be relocated to Perth by 21 September 2014.

Please call 04 1635 5653 to book this relocation deal.

Toyota Bushcamper

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Campabout Oz Campervan Pics – New Customer Photos – Perth WA

Without a doubt, our vans lead more exciting lives than we do! See them in action – and the great Aussie scenery of course – in these fabulous photos sent to us early this year. Many thanks to these two happy Campabout Oz customers making the most of their Australian self drive holiday. There’s nothing we love more than seeing your holiday photos!


3 Great Reasons to Hire a Camper Trailer for Your Next Holiday

Camper Trailer Hire Perth

Camper Trailer Hire Perth

Are you wondering whether hiring a camper trailer is a good idea? Let today’s post help you decide. Whether you’re planning a once-off holiday, or you’re thinking of trying-before-you-buy, hiring a camper trailer will give you a fantastic, cost-effective camping holiday. Want more reasons to hire a camper trailer? Read more… 

1. The Packing is Done for You

No camping gear? Not a problem. Our camping trailers are fully stocked and pre-packed with everything you need for a perfect holiday. You get the complete package. This includes common camping items like cooking utensils, cutlery, bed linen, pillows, table and chairs… and more. Inside our popular Eagle camper trailers, there’s even an interior kitchen. All you need to bring is your clothes and food.

2. You Can Travel as a Group

By combining a 4WD (yours or ours) with your camping trailer, you can travel with more people than is possible in a standard campervan. While a campervan is often too confined for large families or groups of friends, a camper trailer offers the perfect flexible setup – simply bring along an extra tent or two for extra sleeping areas. This way you can travel with friends or keep a large family comfortable. An extra tent is also a great way to keep teens happy, giving them their own personal space! That said, you can rest assured our camper trailers are surprisingly roomy inside. You can move around with ease while enjoying a table in the living room, large beds in the sleeping wings and a fully equipped kitchenette.

3. It’s Easy to Setup and Drive-Away

Perhaps the biggest advantage of camper trailer hire is the ability to setup camp and drive away. Unlike campervans, there’s no need to pack up your camp every time you want to go for a drive. Simply setup your camper trailer at your camping ground, unhook your 4WD and off you go. After a long day exploring, you’ll be enjoy knowing you can return to your base camp where everything is setup and waiting for you to relax.

Call Today

Our customers agree, camper trailer rental is fantastic for a relatively inexpensive holiday in the great outdoors. Whether you’d like to bring your own 4WD, or hire one of ours, give us a call today. We will custom-make a quote to ensure you get the best price with super-competitive rates for extended holidays. For a fast quote, browse the Perth camper trailer hire page on this website, or call (08) 9301 2765 today.


Online Keepsakes – Starting Your Own Campervan Travel Blog

Campfire Warmth

Make your holiday live forever in your own travel diary!


I remember my first travel diary – a small notepad given to me as a gift by my grandmother before my first-ever international holiday. I spent six weeks in Switzerland and wrote in my diary every day. Every now and then I enjoy reading through the diary, being reminded of the small details I had since forgotten. I didn’t write a lot of words, nevertheless it’s surprising how much information I noted down. Everything from places visited, to food I ate, people I met and money spent!

Start Your Own Online Travel Diary

While a notebook makes a wonderful travel keepsake, recent years have seen pen and paper replaced by online travel diaries (travel blogs). The best part about keeping a travel diary online (typing it up on the Internet) is you can share it with your friends and family. They can visit your page daily and check out your latest posts. You can also sort your posts by date and time and search your writings for specific words, making it easy to jog your memory when you forget something. At Campabout Oz, we love reading our customers camper holiday journals – and so we encourage you to start your own! Here’s a few tips to help you start.

Posting Photos Online

Another terrific advantage is the ability to post your photos alongside your diary entries. We recommend keeping your photos relatively small, or grab an image re-sizing tool. This will allow you to quickly upload the smaller filesizes.

Finding Internet Connections While Travelling in a Campervan

To keep a travel blog, you’ll obviously need an internet connection. Some people like to write their diary on paper first, then type it up whenever they reach the next wi-fi access. Others like to type their diary directly into the website. Either way, when travelling in a campervan, there are a number of ways you can get online.

  • Pre-paid or Post-paid Dongle/Hotspot. If you’re travelling long term (i.e. for more than a few weeks), you might want to investigate a wireless dongle or hotspot. Theses are available in both pre-paid and post-paid options. In Australia, Telstra is the most reliable service provider for Internet access in more remote regions. They are typically more expensive than other providers, but you will get better reception in most places. A hotspot is a great device for families, allowing up to four devices to connect at once.
  • Paid Wi-Fi. Most holiday parks and hotels have a paid wi-fi service available for guests. You will be required to pay for a set number of days’ access, or for a set amount of megabytes. Once you pay, access is usually high speed and reliable.
  • Free Wi-Fi. More and more free wi-fi hotspots are popping up around Australia. In Western Australia, you can find them in Cafes such as Dome and also in McDonald’s restaurants.

Recommended Travel Blog Websites

You’ll be pleased to know it’s free to set up your online travel diary. Here is a list of the most popular places. Browse through and choose the one that feels best for you.

Review Campabout Oz

We’d love to read your campervan travel diary, so be sure to tell our staff and let us know the link to your online campervan travel blog. And if you’d like to review your campervan, or post photos of your rental camper on its travels, we’d be thrilled to see them! You can also send your reviews and photos directly to us, or using the reviews tab on our website menu. For inspiration, checkout the Campabout Oz reviews here.

Get Started

You can start your travel diary even before you start driving. People love to read about other people’s holiday planning experiences. For example, you could blog about your itinerary planning, your budgeting and your campervan rental research.

We look forward to reading all about your Australian campervan holiday!


Awesome Camper Vehicles Waiting for You in Perth WA

Well, the move of Perth depot is finally complete. We’re settled in and pleased to see many customers enjoying the benefits of our new Joondalup location. Just 25 minutes from the airport, it’s an easy and relaxing drive to our Perth campervan hire branch. You’ll also enjoy toilet and shower facilities, plus a fantastic shopping centre just across the road.

We invite you to browse the website and check out our outstanding range of campervans for hire. Although we’re based in Perth WA, you can drive our campervans, caravans, 4WDs and trailers all over Australia for a fantastic holiday experience.

Book Your Camper Hire Here

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  • Campervan Hire – motorhome style vehicles for all budgets, from basic to luxury!
  • 4WD Rental – whether you want to “rough it” in a tent, or travel in style with a caravan or a camping trailer, we’ve got the 4WD for you.
  • Caravan Rental – hire a combo with our 4WDs!
  • Camper Trailer Rental – bring your own 4WD or hire one of ours for the ultimate off-road camping adventure.

Outstanding Range of Camper Vehicles for Hire

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Camper Hire Australia – 3 Month Driving Holiday – Our Trip

Many thanks for Wendy and Peter Harvey for this fantastic diary of their recent driving holiday in Australia. If you’re creating your own itinerary, be sure to read this post and note down the wonderful places Peter and Wendy visited during their three month trip.

Wendy and Peter hired two vehicles from Campabout Oz during this trip. The first, a Toyota Hilux pop-top 4X4 Camper was hired for the majority of the trip and it performed well both on and off-road plus some exacting 4X4 tracks. The second vehicles was a luxury campervan – giving a comfortable end to the 3 month journey.

Here is a short version of their trip which the vehicles (mainly the 4X4) enabled Peter and Wendy to do.

3 Months Trip – Western Australia and Northern Territory – August 2012 to December 2012

Perth to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Started in Perth then out through York to Kokerbin Rock, Australia’s third largest monolith. Then on to Wave Rock and onto the dirt and an overnight stop at a breakaway just off the Hyden / Norsman Track. Stopped at Kalgoorlie and then on to Niagra Dam, a lovely camp spot.

4×4 Adventure

Next was the Great Central Road (with permits) stopping at 3 places: The Pines, Desert Surf Central and the road house near Giles Weather Station. We came out on to the tarmac at the Olgas and the Ute had been not problem on the dirt road. Curtin Spring for an overnight stop and then into the Finke river National Park for a 4X4 track up to Boggy Hole. This is where the Ute came into its own – no problems with bull dust, rocks and river crossings (which were dry) and we spent a lovely evening next to a water hole just prior to Boggy Hole; magic.

On to the West MacDonalds and two camp sites: Red Bank Gorge and Elery Creek Big Hole then on to Alice for a shower and restock of supplies.

Set off up the Stuart Highway stopping at the Pebbles and then Elliot Lake, where we stopped for a couple of nights; a great place to rest and watch wildlife. We then turned left onto the Buchanan Highway (a dirt road), through Top Springs and to the Victoria Highway and up to Keep River National Park.

Kununurra was next for a bit of R and R and we wanted to go into Parry Lagoon via the Ivanhoe Crossing but this was closed. We then found there was a big bush fire moving through the lagoon area so went onto the Gibb river road and stopped at Elen Brae, a lovely camp site. We turned right off the Gibb to go up to Drysdale Station and what a road! The corrugation was a bit challenging but we kept the speed down and the 4X4 had no problems. An overnight stop at Drysdale and then up to the Mitchell Falls – what a lovely drive with plenty to see.

Had a few nights at Mitchell Falls then back to the Gibb via an overnight stop at Drysdale then a stop at Silent Grove, and a visit to Bell Gorge for a swim – magic. Derby the next stop for washing / showers and food then onto Broome and up into Cape Laveque and the sand. Again no problems for the 4X4. Stopped at Middle Lagoon and Koojamin and visited a few of the sites up there. Back to Broome and then to 80 Mile Beach and then Kape Keraudren which was peaceful.

Millstream was the next destination but one sight closed (wash out) and a bush fire at Mill Stream so stopped at lovely camp site at Mount Florence. Stopped at Tom Price for a cleanup and food then to Karajini and the Dales camp site – lovely. Stopped a few days here, could have stayed longer, but back on the road to Exmouth via an overnight road-side stop.

Ospray campsite next for a few lovely days, walking / swimming and snorkelling plus watching the wild life and the Hump Backed whales, amazing. To Coral Bay for a couple of days and an overnight stop at Rocky Pool then to the Blow Holes. The camp site needs new long-drops but the scenery and wildlife magic. Eagle Bluff then Denham prior to Cape Peron and the drive up the Cape. Here again the 4X4 had no problems with the sand.

Stopped at the Murchison river then onto Kalbarri for a few days and a walk in the gorge; lovely flowers and wild life. A great site at the Principality of Hutt River, and an interesting place, then a stop at Oakabella Farm (good site), Elendale Pool, Yanchep and a visit to the Pinnacles.

Campervan Luxury

Back into Perth and swapped the 4X4 for a camper van – luxury – but the 4X4 gave us a wonderful trip over some challenging terrain. Preston Beach to see some friends then Yallingup and into very different countryside to further up in Western Oz. We spent the last 3 weeks in the van visiting places south of Perth: Hamlin Bay, Alexandra Bridge, Maranup ford Farm Stay (a magical place), Pemberton, Denmark, Albany, Prorongarup, Stirling Ranges (walking and wild flowers), Broomhill, Dryandra NP, Busselton and back to Perth.

Two great hires from a very friendly family firm. We asked for extra gear for the 4X4 trip and Terry supplied us with it; the swap over of vehicles was also arranged with no problem. We would strongly recommend anyone hiring a vehicle from Campabout Oz.


4WD Camper Rental Australia – 2 Great Rental Options

2 Options for Awesome 4WD Self Drive Holidays

4WD camper hire is popular amongst our customers. People love to get “off the beaten track” and experience Australia’s outback. If that sounds good to you, you’ll enjoy these two great hire deals from our website.

Option 1 – 4WD Rental

4WD Camper Rental Australia

4WD Camper Rental Australia

Our late model 4WDs – including the v8 landcruiser and prado – are fully equipped to go off road and come with all the camping gear you need. We supply tents, sleeping gear and more at no extra cost.

Click here for 4WD rental choices.

Option 2 – 4WD + Camper Trailer Combo

4WD Rental with Camper Trailer

4WD Rental with Camper Trailer

If you’d rather not sleep in a tent, our camper trailer + 4WD rental combo is great option. You get a comfortable eagle camper trailer with heaps of sleeping room, indoor kitchen, living area and more. This is perfect for families and small groups travelling together. Although there’s pleny of sleeping room in the trailer, we’ll happily supply extra tents for teenagers or singles who need their own sleeping area.

Click here for 4WD + Trailer Rental Combo

4WD Camper Rental – Get a Quote

Our easy quote form makes it easy for you to plan your Australian 4WD holiday. SImply request a quote today and our friendly staff will reply quickly – usually within 24 hours. If you’re wondering why we don’t have automatic pricing on the website – it’s because we give the best deals based on the length of your hire. Every quote is custom-made to suit you to ensure you get the best price. So enquire today. We look forward to hearing from you.


4WD + Trailer Combo Rental Deal is Back!

4WD + Camper Trailer Rental Combo

4WD + Camper Trailer Rental Combo

Back by popular demand, we are once again offering the fantastic 4WD + Trailer Combo rental deal. That means you can rent one of our powerful four wheel drive vehicles and tow a fully equipped, super-comfortable camping trailer. It’s fully equipped with all your camping needs – and the best place to sleep on a camping holiday.

About the Eagle Camper Trailers

We’ve  recently added the stunning Eagle Camper trailer to our fleet. We guess they’re called “Eagle” because the bed wings fold out like a bird’s wings.  This maximises the room inside for both sleeping and living. Now you can take the whole family on a 4WD adventure holiday.
Eagle Camper TrailerEagle Camper TrailerSleeps: 6 The Eagle Camper Trailer is a pleasure to tow and very roomy inside. It sleeps up to 6 people – although please note 4WDs seat 5. Click here to see more information about the camper trailer.

Base Camp

One of the best things about renting a 4WD + Trailer combo is the ability to set up a base camp for your holiday. If you’re planning on staying a few days at each destination, this is definitely the way to go. You can make your camp comfortable, before heading out for a day’s activity and off-road adventures in the 4WD. It’s always nice to know you can return at the end of the day to your base camp, without the hassle of re-erecting tents or setting up camp all over again.

Book Your 4WD + Camping Trailer Combo Today!

Get a Quote! >>

Simply click the green button for a fast, friendly quote from our offices in Perth, Western Australia. We’ll reply as fast as we can.


Campervan Rental Western Australia

Campervan Rental Western Australia – What to Expect?

Campervan Rental Western Australia

Collecting Supplies – Campervan Rental Western Australia

Are you interested in renting a campervan, but a little nervous about what to expect? If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Most times, our first-time campervan rental customers are excited and nervous at the same time. They’re excited to try something totally different, but nervous about “roughing it” in the open air.

Is Camping Really “Roughing It”?

In Australia, we often refer to camping as “roughing it”. That’s because you sacrifice some luxuries and live “rough” in bushland for a few days. In most cases, camping involves pitching a tent in the bush with no toilet, shower or running water. If all you have is your tent, then yes camping really is “roughing it”. But our campervan rental in Western Australia, gives you many creature comforts to enjoy.

Campervan Rental Brings Back the Luxury

Renting a campervan gives you the opportunity to “go camping” and explore the great outdoors with all the creature comforts of home. The little things that make life easier include an indoor-bed, storage areas, a cook top, a fridge and more. Some of our “luxury” style campervans even have a shower, toilet and DVD player.

Powering Up

Our luxury campervans supply power to the fridge and microwave, etc. using a dual battery setup that keeps the appliances battery separate from the engine battery. The auxiliary battery charges during driving, so you’ll be able to use the campervan’s electrical equipment when you’re off the beaten track. You can also plug the camper in to the mains power at any properly equipped campsite. You should be aware that most campsites that supply mains power will charge you a fee to stay overnight. The fee will vary a lot depending on the quality and features of the camp site. For example, if the campsite is in a small town you can expect to pay less. If the campsite is in a well known tourist town and has a well known brand (such as Australia’s “Big4″ Holiday Parks) with camper’s kitchen, power, bathrooms, etc., then the fee will be higher.

“The Best Fun Ever!”

Even if you’re an amateur camper, you’ll love travelling in a campervan. Our experienced staff will give you a “tour” of your rental vehicle before you set off on your journey – so you’ll know how everything works. The vans are finished with absolutely everything you need, including cooking utensils, cutlery, pillows, blankets and more. We’re proud to hear our customers say that renting a campervan was “The best fun ever”. And it is fun! WIth campervanr rental in Western Australia, You can travel at your own speed, stopping off to sight-see, take photos and enjoy popular tourist spots – as well as lesser known hideaways.

Book Your Campervan Rental Today

If you’re looking for a unique, fun, totally relaxing break from the norm, you cannot beat campervan rental for exploring Western Australia and beyond. Give our staff a call, or email us, and we’ll be happy to advise on the best vehicle for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Self Drive Rental Itineraries from Perth

Self Drive Rental Itineraries from Perth
Spoilt for Choice – Self Drive Rental from Perth

Where to Go?

Today we look at a few ideas and suggested destinations when planning your self drive rental itinerary from Perth. Perth Self Drive Rental campervans and four wheel drives are a fantastic way to see Australia – and although a long holiday allows for more destinations, a shorter self-drive itinerary can be amazing too!

Just a Few Days…

When choosing destinations from Perth, you really are spoilt for choice. If you have only a few days, you can stay in-and-around Perth and still enjoy a satisfying holiday with many experiences. The Swan Valley for example is a mere 20-30 minutes drive from Perth, yet allows you explore stunning wineries, a chocolate factory, animal farms, nature trails and much more. Further North, you can travel through the historical town of New Norcia, before heading further North to see the Pinnacles – and all this can be done in less than one day’s drive if you’re pressed for time. A few days is also enough time to explore Perth’s southern regions, including Fremantle, Busselton, Yallingup and Margaret River. You might even consider including a trip to Rottnest Island, a quick ferry ride from Fremantle.

Longer Self Drive Holidays

If you’re lucky enough to have more time on your hands, you can create a self drive rental itinerary from Perth that takes you right to the top of Western Australia, all the way to Broome and beyond, in the Kimberley region. Alternatively, you can go South. Take the full tour of our gorgeous South West, including Margaret River, Augusta, Denmark and Albany. You can even head inland to the Kalgoorlie mining town.

No matter whether you choose to head North or South, we recommend spending maximum time at each location, rather than racing from stop to stop. Although some travellers try to cram as many destinations as possible into their time frame, this can make your holiday stressful. Instead, allow yourself time to relax and soak up the atmosphere of each new place. The beauty of self-driving is that you’re free to leave when you’re ready. You’re not glued to your next hotel booking!

Summer vs. Winter Travel Itinerary – North vs. South

Many visitors from Europe come to Australia during the European Summer holidays, typically from July to September. This is Australia’s Winter and, although Perth’s Winter is very mild, there can be many cold, rainy days. If you’re seeking a warm holiday during this time, it’s best to make sure your self drive rental itinerary goes North to Broome and the Kimberley region. North Western Australia stays warm during July-September, so you can still enjoy a swim at the beach and soak up the sunshine.

If your self drive holiday is during Australia’s Summer months (December-February), then a South-West journey is highly recommended. Our South West is much cooler than Perth. While Perth in mid-summer might reach a scorching 40 degrees Celsius, our South West will often be ten or more degrees cooler on the same day. You’ll still enjoy warm summer days and beach weather, but the heat won’t be so oppressive.

Perth Self Drive Rental Vehicles

At Campabout Oz, we offer camper vans for travelling on sealed roads, camper trailers which are perfect for families and groups and four wheel drives for off road adventure. Give our office a call, or use our easy contact form, to discover the best vehicle for your Perth-based itinerary. Remember, we have depots for pick up and drop off all over Australia, so talk to us today about your holiday plans.